Thursday, November 5, 2009

Interviews from the Pink Carpet: VS Supermodel Angels Marisa Miller, Miranda Kerr and Doutzen Kroes

Doutzen Kroes and Marisa Miller

Recently at the Victoria's Secret Michigan Avenue Flagship Opening Party, Luxe File Chicago asked VS Angels Marisa Miller, Miranda Kerr and Doutzen Kroes to spill some sexy secrets...

Luxe File Chicago's Sally Shorr and Marisa Miller

Luxe File Chicago: What does being an Angel mean to you?
Marisa Miller: You know it’s so amazing. Victoria’s Secret represents such a fun, healthy sexy brand. So to be an angel is a girls’ dream come true! It’s a lot of fun to be here in Chicago. You have such an exciting nightlife and the energy of a big city, but at the same time the people are just like a small town feel. I love coming here!

LFC: What does “sexy” mean to you and what do you wear?
MM: I think with lingerie you have to be comfortable but at the same time it’s so important to feel sexy and good about yourself. Even if no one sees it and you have it on underneath, I always feel a little sassier.

LFC: Besides VS, who are you wearing tonight?
MM: The dress is Jimmy Choo and shoes are YSL.

LFC: Can I just tell you that you are my screensaver?
MM: Thank you! A compliment coming from a woman is very flattering.

LFC: Are you planning on doing any shopping tonight?
MM: Oh yeah, I’m definitely going to do a lot of shopping. The store is beautiful and it’s fully stocked!

LFC: Are you going to be wearing the $3 million dollar bra?
MM: Yes, I’m wearing the Fantasy Bra this year, which is amazing! It’s such an honor and it’s a big part of the fashion show as well. I’m really happy and thrilled to wear it.

Miranda Kerr

Luxe File Chicago: What does being an Angel mean to you?
Miranda Kerr: I am very flattered that I am an Angel and I get to work with a wonderful company that treats us like angels. We get flown around the world, stay in the most beautiful places, we get to wear the most beautiful underwear and we have a really great time.

LFC: What does “sexy” mean to you?
MK: Sexy is being comfortable in your own skin. (Are you reading this, Orlando?)

LFC: Are you doing any lingerie shopping tonight?
MK: Definitely! This store is incredible, it has everything a girl could ever want…but more. We were in there today and I was like, ‘could I buy something now?’ and they were like, ‘no, you have to wait for tonight!’ The great thing is that part of the proceeds goes to the Gateway Green which is a great cause and helps clean up Chicago.

LFC: Besides VS, who are you wearing tonight?
MK: I definitely have my VS underwear on! I am wearing the VS Miraculous Bra in pink, the dress is Herve Leger, Damiani jewelry, and Christian Louboutin shoes.

LFC: How do you manage to look so fabulous on your hectic schedule?
MK: I’m really passionate about health and nutrition. I feed my body with the right foods and eat organic whenever and wherever I can.

Doutzen Kroes

Luxe File Chicago: What does being an Angel mean to you?
Doutzen Kroes: It means having confidence and happiness. As an Angel, you have to be able to convey and talk about the brand and bring it to the people. As Angels, we both embrace women and the power of femininity. We also have fun, or at least that is what I’m trying to make of it!

LFC: What does “sexy” mean to you?
DK: Sexy means confidence. Every woman is a little insecure, I think, but there has to be balance. I think too much confidence is overwhelming. That’s what VS is all about: keeping some things private and showing it off to the right person.

LFC: How does lingerie – and men – help women feel more sexy and confident?
DK: That’s the power of lingerie: when you put it on, you immediately feel sexy. Men need to talk more to women, take her to a spa and make her feel good. Also men should take their girlfriends and wives to VS and get pampered! We also offer VIP fittings, which gives women the best advice on what to wear and what feels sexy and comfortable.

LFC: In addition to VS, who else are you wearing tonight?
DK: I’m wearing a vintage dress, Damiani jewelry and Fendi shoes.

LFC: Any fashion words of wisdom?
DK: Go with what feels good because then you can carry it off. For me it’s always jeans and a t-shirt, nice shoes and a good bag. It’s all about the accessories for me.

LFC: What is your favorite VS lingerie?
DK: I love lingerie that is simple, lacy and of course, sexy!

Interviews and story by Sally Shorr
Photos courtesy of Jennifer Wirth

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