Saturday, March 5, 2011

Luxe File ♥s...Greg Lauren

Greg Lauren

Greg Lauren will be at Barneys New York Chicago on Saturday, March 5, from 1-3PM, speaking with guests about his debut clothing line.

Greg Lauren is no stranger to fashion. Married to the glamorous Elizabeth Berkley, the dashing actor-artist-cum-fashion-designer is Ralph Lauren's nephew and his father, Jerry -- Ralph's brother -- is executive vice president of men’s design at Polo Ralph Lauren. He's been around fashion his whole life. He gets it. What's powerful about this collection are the masculine/ feminine themes, his reverence for simple silhouettes and the whimsical touches. Every piece is distinct as is the designer's exaggerated fondness for deconstruction. Then, of course, there's his passion for crushed construction paper.

The paper chase began when we first viewed the photos from his "Alteration" exhibition, produced last year in NY and LA, which featured an entire installation of superhero-inspired menswear - forty pieces of apparel including 3-piece suits, trench coats, robes, ties, work boots, even a white tuxedo straight jacket! - made exclusively from Japanese craft paper that had been crumpled, smoothed, painted and then sewn into life size garments. It's a unique and disconcerting sight that would make any art school teacher puff with serious pride.

Jacket and suit from the "Alteration" exhibit


Straight jacket

Work boots

Unlike "Alteration", this is a very wearable collection that skews towards the "rebel who likes a cause" type - deconstructed tuxedos and military field jackets expertly constructed from sailor uniforms, vintage duffles and army tents and repurposed cashmere. Each piece perfectly marries art with fashion while reflecting the designer's passion for super heroes, whether real-life or the comic book kind.

Back to Your Barracks!: deconstructed jackets

Ladies jacket with pockets and a scarf

Mens jacket sans pockets and a scarf

Note to Designer: When designing your next womens' wear collection, Luxe File Chicago suggests using Marvel Comics' sexy superheroines as inspiration. We'll take take one Emma Frost and a Black Cat suit. MEOW.

Barneys New York Chicago is located at 15 E. Oak Street. 312-587-1700

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