Friday, May 27, 2011

Luxe File ♥s: Memorial Day 2011!

Originally known as "Decoration Day", Memorial Day is best known as the time when we remember and celebrate those who have given their lives in the defense of our country. For the fashion-focused, it marks the official day we can pull out and put on our favorite white pieces and, for everyone else, it simply signals the ultimate three-day, booze-and-BBQ weekend.

Luxe File will be spending the holiday entertaining distinguished, out-of-town guests. When we heard the weather report - warm and rainy then turning partly sunny - we stocked our refrigerator with champagne - the ultimate essential for celebrating indoors. Knowing our guests' fondness for sipping and socializing, we don't have much more planned than drinking champagne margaritas (thanks to Rick Bayless for the recipe!) and grilling on the barbie.

We asked a few of our favorite Chicagoans what they had planned for Memorial Day weekend and found out how much fun this heroic holiday can be!

Bianca Alexander
Co-CEO/Creative Director, Host & Correspondent
This weekend I will be finishing my twelve-week yoga teacher certification training at Yoga View. The graduation party is on Sunday night! Hopefully, I will be teaching at a studio near you soon. Click HERE to see the video we recently produced on the subject.

Candace Jordan
Socialite, Philanthropist & Blogger
My husband, Chuck, and I are taking the “kids”, Mickey and Rooney, on a road trip to Michigan. We will spend Saturday night at an inn on the beach, hopefully with a bottle of wine and candles.

Corri Mcfadden
I have a weekend filled with work but I will for sure make it a priority to go to the Sofia Vintage Memorial Day Sale! There is nothing better than a holiday to justify shopping!

J. Lynne Bredfeldt
Director of Public Relations
This Memorial Day weekend, I will be heading off to Minnesota for a dear friend's wedding on Sunday. Although not an exotic location, I am excited to be spending it with close friends and toasting to our friend Rachel. I fly back early on Memorial Day to finish some last minute prepping for NoMI (NoMI Kitchen, NoMI Lounge, NoMI Garden, NoMI Spa) that is officially opening next week after a four month renovation!

Justin Jacobson
It wouldn’t be a holiday weekend if Platinum Events wasn’t producing a few events! We’re actually hosting a huge wedding extravaganza in Manhattan. I wish I could tell you whose but we had to sign a NDA so I can’t say!

Kevin Boehm
Saturday I will be working at the restaurants but Sunday and Monday I will be with my girls, doing as little as possible. My biggest goal will be teaching my daughter, Sofia, how to ride a bike!

Kiki Luthringshausen
Food Writer & Blogger
On Saturday, Beauty and Her Feast is filming with Chef Todd Stein at The Florentine. We‘re making gnocchi for my series of cooking videos on the blog. Since my husband will be racing his car at Autobahn in Joliet, I get some girl time with my oldest daughter so we’re going to go shopping. We might sneak over to the Four Seasons Chicago to visit Chef Kevin Hickey (or “Uncle Chef”, as my kids call him) and for our favorite shopping snack, Short Rib Sliders. Sunday we’re having friends over and I’ll be preparing Asian BBQ which means I will be cooking all day. Monday…absolutely nothing. Just hanging with our four kids and relaxing. Somewhere in there, I have an article to write for my Monday "eats" column for Cheeky Chicago.

Marco Foster
I just had my road bike tuned up so on Saturday I’ll hit Lake Shore Drive and ride up to Evanston then I’ll be hitting 8Fifty8 and Bon V with some good friends. Sunday I’ll be spending time with my mom and Monday I’ll stay at my home. Our pool scene is pretty huge so there is no reason to leave!

Nicole L. Townsend
Freelance Beauty Writer & ChicagoNow Columnist
For this holiday weekend, I will be attending a few barbecues with friends and hanging out at the Randolph Street Festival! The icing on the cake it that Ginger Zee says it'll be warm and sunny, too!

Rachel Schwanz
Caterer & Event Planner
I will be laying in the sun at EBC (I hope!) and eating alfresco, maybe Sunda on Sunday. I'm also planning on doing some furniture shopping and sipping vino on my terrace!

Rahm Emanuel
Mayor of Chicago
Well, first of all, I attended Chicago's Memorial Day Parade today and on Memorial Day, I will be doing a number of activities which include spending quality time with my family, dining and commemorating the befallen. Thank you and God Bless you!

Sarah Vargo
I have a friend coming into town from Los Angeles so I'm showing her and her friends a true Chicago experience. We are hitting River North hot spots and barbecuing with some boys! Most of all, I'm relaxing!

Happy Memorial Day!!

Posted by Kerry Shorr

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