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Ultimate Premarital Pow Wow: "I Do...From Vows to Reality"

John Hassey, one of Chicago's leading marriage advocates and relationship experts, hosts an interactive workshop on September 25 to provide couples and newlyweds with insider tips and tools essential for marital B-L-I-S-S.

What does a happy marriage look like? Can two people with similar goals and values enjoy a lifetime of stability and can a couple with polar personalities actually build a truly sustainable foundation? John Hassey, who's one of Chicago's top premarital and family counselors and a divorce mediator and ordained minister to boot, thinks anything is possible.

Ah, L'Amor!: How Love Should Look

"Marriage is not necessarily about what you do, or do not, have in common,” says Hassey. “If a couple cannot negotiate the challenges and pitfalls that come during married life, they may find themselves on the road to breakup.”

Relationship Whiz: John Hassey

Over the past few years, Hassey has spent hundreds of hours counseling couples with a simple goal: build love and trust and elevate intimacy. In his counseling sessions, he works through his clients’ emotional issues, helps them tackle adversity and remove the barriers that block verbal and emotional expression.

"Most of the couples I counsel truly believe they are entering into their unions on a sure footing, but many lack the two basic fundamentals for maintaining long-term relationships: communicating with clarity and managing conflict.”

Relationship RX: Get the skills for a healthy relationship

On Sunday, September 25, the relationship aficionado will host "I Do...From Vows to Reality" at The James Hotel in Chicago from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. In this one-day workshop, couples and newlyweds will learn how to enhance their relationships by boosting their communication skills, troubleshoot their way through conflict and overcome avoidance issues.

Prior to the workshop, couples will complete an in-depth, online relationship evaluation which covers nine key categories, ranging from communication and conflict resolution to financial management and spiritual beliefs. The evaluation will provide each couple with tangible results and areas to focus on for improving their relationship.

Communication Underload: Don't Type. Talk!

During the workshop, Hassey will address conflict sources and provide simple techniques and how-tos – via ground-breaking case studies, real-life success stories, open discussion, demonstrations & practice sessions – that couples can use to:

  • Alleviate and overcome conflict and other difficult situations
  • Increase their feelings of love and intimacy
  • communication for more open and honest expression

"I Do...From Vows to Reality” will also include special presentations by Anne Wagner, who will discuss the roles that fear and vulnerability play within a relationship; and The TantraNova Institute's Dr. Elsbeth Meuth and Freddy Zental Weaver – the renowned intimacy/relationship coaches who've produced best-selling videos and have been featured on the popular Showtime series, “Sexual Healing”, and NBC's Emmy-winning show, “Starting Over” – will share the secrets for finding peace and love within ourselves and our relationships.

At the conclusion of the workshop, couples will have the opportunity to schedule a private and complimentary consultation with John Hassey to review the results of their relationship evaluation and discuss possible next steps.

Freddy Zental Weaver & Dr. Elsbeth Meuth

Now through September 4, the cost per couple is $425 (starting September 5, price increases to $525). The workshop includes a pre-workshop personality/ relationship evaluation; a one-hour, post-workshop session with John Hassey; and breakfast and lunch.

For more information about John Hassey and “I Do...From Vows to Reality”, please or call (312) 884-9830.

Photos courtesy of John Hassey Resolution and The TantraNova Institute.

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