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Luxe File ♥s: GLAMORAMA '12!

 Queen Kate - Model Royalty

From the velvety comfort of the swanky Harris Theatre, Glamorama guests will travel first-class across the pond for an evening of all things British. As the title implies, “The British Invasion: The Music Then. The Fashion Now!”, Macy’s fashionable fete will honor the most iconic, trendsetting sounds and styles from Britain over the past fifty years.

Partygoers will be treated to a designer-studded fashion show featuring the latest looks from Marc Jacobs, Donna Karan, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Sean John, enjoy live performances by R&B aficionado, Robin Thicke, and pop duo, Karmin, and mingle under-the-stars at a rooftop after-party overlooking Millennium Park. 

Cool crooner, Robin Thicke

Proceeds from the event will benefit Ronald McDonald House Charities® of Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana, an aid organization which offers temporary residence for the families of pediatric patients at partner hospitals as well as medical and educational opportunities to children in need.

Luxe File Chicago caught up with some of the event’s Glamorama Host Committee to see which British icon had the biggest influence on them. Personally, we’re suckers for gorgeous, gap-toothed models, so Kate Moss has our vote. 

Katie Cahnmann 
NYK Events 
My pick is Lulu Kennedy, the founder of Fashion East. Often known as fashion's “fairy godmother”, she recently became the editor of Love Magazine. I love her funky and fresh, glamorous style. 

Fabrice Calmels 
Joffrey Ballet 
While Americans like Michael Jackson, Gene Kelly, and Fred Astaire have been a big influence on my life, British bands and musicians such as Queen and Elton John are an important part of my music library. 

D.C. Crenshaw 
Fete Select TV 
The British-American rapper, “Slick Rick”. He brought a unique style to hip hop and his jams, like “La Di Da Di”, bring back great memories of my college football years. 

Michelle Durpetti 
Michelle Durpetti Events 
As a professional wedding planner, I adore Vivienne Westwood. Her gowns are magnificent and she is dedicated to indulging in decadent details with every gown she designs.

Julianne Glatz 
Jg Hats 
Bianca Jagger. She clubbed it with class. 

Cece Gonzalez 
Raymi Productions 
Victoria Beckham. She is the ultimate trendsetter, from her famous coifs to the clothes she wears. Beckham also has impeccable taste in men. Have you seen her hubby? Yummy! 

Kathleen Henson 
Kathleen Henson Consulting 
Growing up during her era, Princess Diana was always an inspiration to me. The true epitome of grace and style, she looked fabulous whether it was attending a gala or running to the grocery store. I loved that she was a doting mother who dedicated her life to her children and always gave back to important causes that helped so many in need. 

Eric Himel 
Celebrity stylist
Vivienne Westwood. She’s my favorite British designer and one the most influential British designers of her time. While her designs may not be identifiable or relatable to the general public, she has incredible influence over today’s most popular trends. 

Paul Iacona (picture right with Mayor Daley)
Chicago Dowell Company, Inc. 
Bond. James Bond, of course. Impeccable style, cool cars, and crazy gadgets. Some say he’s fictional but to me he’s very real! 

Candace Jordan 
The Beatles. Their music was revolutionary. And who could not have been influenced by supermodel Kate Moss? And let’s not forget about the Royal family. Princess Diana’s style and graciousness lives on through her children and with William’s new bride, Kate Middleton, the world is in for a lot more glamour. 

Melinda Joseph 
Raymi Productions 
Alexander McQueen and Lady Gaga. His creativity was unmatched and has forever influenced art, fashion, and culture globally. Lady Gaga, McQueen’s muse, famously strutted the armadillo heels he designed for her. Minus the meat costume, I would wear any of her outfits if given the opportunity! 

Catie Keogh 
Princess Diana is my favorite. She was such an inspiration to me in the way she led her life. Diana was a good mother, a fashion icon, and a brilliant advocate for her charities. She always handled situations with such grace. A true English rose! 

Stephanie Krol 
I love London shopping! From the vintage and antique markets to the luxury shopping at the infamous Harrod's. I still have my teacups from there. 

Erica Bethe Levin 
The one and only Princess Diana has influenced my life since I was 10 years old. I loved watching her fashion sense evolve and seeing her with her sons. Diana was an excellent maternal role model. 

Stacie McClane 
Plastic Surgeon 
The Beatles are the obvious choice for me. They not only revolutionized the music world but also helped shape political views, fashion and perceptions. 

Kristina McGrath 
McGrath Imports 
There is great creativity that thrives in Britain. One of my earliest memories was my dream of owning one of Burberry’s iconic designs - it was what smart, fashionable women wore. Today, I love wearing the fashions of Burberry, Stella McCartney, and Alexander McQueen. 

Katie McLenaghan 
Princess Diana. I have been fascinated with her ever since I was a little girl and even cut my hair like hers! While her beauty and glamour was astounding, it was her heart, compassion, and the humanitarian work that left an indelible mark on the world. An advocate for those in need, she helped raise awareness for global causes with a style and grace that every woman should aspire to. 

Corinne Melchior (pictured right with friend)
Alexander McQueen. His brilliance, vision, and artistry remain unmatched. McQueen’s couture told stories of fantasy, surreal beauty, and dark angst. His collections were works of art and runway shows were performance art masterpieces. 

Kathy Piccone 
The Beatles. I had the privilege of seeing the Fab Four twice while they were in Chicago in 1964. My best friend and I sat in the fourth row and we tossed Jelly Beans on stage (their favorite candy). After the show, we went backstage to meet John, Paul, George, and Ringo. It was the most incredible memory of my teenage years. 

Vonita Reescer 
VDR and Associates, LLC 
Elizabeth I and Elizabeth II. Elizabeth I used her intelligence and curiosity to became a great ruler while Elizabeth II picked the right partner to love and support her through adversity. Elizabeth II also discovered royal milliner, Philip Treacy, whose signature hats keeps the world buzzing. 

David Sanchez 
Ford Models - Women 
The British actress, Jennifer Saunders. She's best known for her role as “Edina Monsoon” on the popular BBC show, Absolutely Fabulous. Not only is the show one of my favorites, her comedic styling keeps me laughing at everything she does. 

Laura Schwartz 
Professional Speaker/TV Commentator/Author 
Sir David Frost. A good friend of mine, he's been knighted by the Queen, was famous for his Nixon-Frost interviews, and is a living legend in the UK. Sir David is also legendary for his famous "Summer Party" in London with its pedigreed guest list of royals, film stars and designers. 

Erica Strama 
The Shops at North Bridge 
From Adele to Amy Winehouse to The Beatles, I’ve always been drawn to British music. But when it comes to true inspiration, there’s no one like Anna Wintour. There’s not a month that goes by without me reading the “fashion bible” cover to cover. 

Tracey Tarantino 
Zzazz Productions 
Twiggy. As a young dancer, I watched her work with Tommy Tune in the “Boyfriend” on Broadway. She carried great fashion with her.

Written by Kerry & Sally Shorr

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