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Singled Out (Part 2): Meet 17 of the most notable single-for-the-moment Chicagoans

Clark Lichty
Company: Chosen Models/Stewart Talent
Nest: Old Town

Clark Lichty could be a Marvel Comics superhero. Sure, he has already reprised the role of “The Green Hornet” but when the hunky, 6’2” model-actor-personal-trainer isn’t being photographed for a magazine cover, reading for a commercial, or starring in an independent film (he’s shot nearly a dozen), Lichty can be found at one of his favorite places: the gym. Whether he’s perfecting his washboard abs or honing his martial arts moves (he’s skilled in jiu jitsu, judo, and kickboxing), Lichty is ripped and ready to save-the-day at a moment’s notice. How marvel-ous.

Describe your job in 140 characters: Lights. Cameras. Work. Long hours. Travel. Fun. Creative. High energy. Artistic. Crazy. 

 Marvel Man: Lichty as the Green Hornet

What personal trait(s) gives you the most confidence: A sense of humor, strong morals, and not taking life so seriously. I grew up with five brothers on a farm in Iowa, so sarcasm and jokes were (and still are) a way of life for me.

What do you do when you want to impress someone: Just act myself. I am not afraid to express emotion and I’m very passionate.

First date turn-offs: It amazes me how many people ask the profession question on the first date. I would rather someone judge me for the person I am than for the job I do.

Don't Hate Him Because He's Beautiful. 
Hate LinLo.

What is your favorite activity: Eating. I enjoy trying new restaurants and traveling around the world.  

Your Hollywood/Historical crush: I’ve always liked the humbleness of Jennifer Aniston, the charisma of Hilary Swank, and the sexiness of the Marisa Miller.

You’re feeling romantic. How do you like to set the mood: Play some music, light a few candles, uncork a bottle of wine, and cook. I was blessed with a mother who was creative in the kitchen, so I enjoy making meals for someone I care about.

Describe your dream girl in three words: Humor, adventurous, and passionate.

Favorite first-date romantic destination: Any place that serves great dessert. I am a sucker for ice cream.

Name one item on your bucket list: To live in a third world country and build homes and schools for less fortunate children.

Dating dealbreakers: Someone who has no passion, humor, or sense of adventure.    

Brian Merel
Private Chef/Hells Kitchen: Season 10 Cheftestant
Nest: Wicker Park

For many busy urbanites, the idea of a home-cooked meal lurks somewhere between the Food Channel and last night’s Thai takeout. Before you sign-up for culinary boot camp, why not let a personal chef add some sugar and spice to your life? Enter Brian Merel: he’s handsome, makes a darn good molten lava cake, and enjoys cooking in a Speedo (we hope it’s not while your parents are visiting). When he’s not facing off with celebrity chef/host Gordon Ramsay on Hells Kitchen, the former Second City alumni is whipping up creative dishes for celebrity friends like Andy Dick and developing a cutting-edge cooking show. Hopefully he’ll keep his pants on.

Describe your job in 140 characters: Former executive chef/owner of several Chicago restaurants. I’m now a private chef. I teach and cook for private dinners and special events.

What personal trait(s) gives you the most confidence: I really have no censor or fear whatsoever. Generally I’m funny, eccentric, and I'll always keep you on your toes.

Your Hollywood/Historical crush: Mila Kunis. Sexy, intelligent, funny as a whip, and her eyes make me forget my name.

Black Swan beauty, Mila Kunis

Your proudest personal or professional accomplishment: Having sobriety in my life (I've been sober since 2007), starting my own business, and working hard to make it successful. Also, competing against 10,000 chefs and getting chosen to be one of the contestants on Hells Kitchen: Season 10.

What is your favorite activity: Going to Phish shows. I’ve seen over 70 concerts. Each one is different and always melts my soul.

You’re feeling romantic. How do you like to set the mood: I've heard women like a man who can cook. We'll cook together but I'll do most of the work. There are so many aromas, sounds, and the heat gets you fired up.

Describe your dream girl in three words: Sexy, witty, and smart.

Favorite first-date romantic destination: Your house. We can relax and be ourselves. Get to know each other without distractions. I'm not extremely picky but I don't waste time.

Chef Brian, and friends, 
in his signature Speedo

First date uniform: Chef coat and a tiger Speedo.

Pavan Prasad
Occupation: Psychiatry Resident
Chicago Medical School
Nest: River North

If dating a nice doctor is at the top of your To Do list, then you’ll want to make an appointment with Pavan Prasad. When he’s not offering quality care to his patients during rotations, this Chicago Medical School psychiatry resident is a darling on the philanthropy scene where he helps raise awareness for his favorite charities including Imerman Angels and Yhim.

Describe your job in 140 characters: I’m a second year psychiatry resident at Chicago Medical school. I help people manage their depression and other mental disorders to improve their quality of life. 

What personal trait(s) gives you the most confidence: Having integrity, owning my insecurities, and having a close network of family and friends.

Bros rule!

Your proudest personal or professional accomplishment: When one of my patients told me I had changed his life and he was going to name his son after me.

What is your favorite activity: Watching football, spending time with friends, and trying new restaurants.

Your Hollywood/Historical crush: Kate Upton and Elizabeth Hurley.

Elizabeth Hurley

You’re feeling romantic. How do you like to set the mood: Dimmed lighting and a bottle of wine.

Describe your dream girl/guy in three words: Witty, thoughtful, and confident.

Sable Kitchen & Bar

Favorite first-date romantic destination: Sable or W Chicago Lakeshore.
Jeff Schear
Jeff Schear Visuals
Nest: East Lakeview

Jeff Schear, a preeminent celebrity, fashion and event photographer, knows a thing or two about shooting stars. Naturally gifted behind a lens, Schear has photographed some of the most beautiful and legendary faces including Giuliana Rancic, Jenny McCarthy, Joanna Krupa, Willow Smith, Ivanka Trump, Oprah Winfrey, and our favorite skinnygirl, Bethenny Frankel.  

Describe your job in 140 characters: As a commercial photographer, I work with international brands and agencies that specialize in working with celebrity clientele. I shoot editorial, advertising, and social images.

Schear Shot: Bethenny Frankel at 
Michigan Avenue magazine party

What personal trait(s) gives you the most confidence: Sense of humor, hazel eyes, and competence.

Your proudest personal or professional accomplishment: Getting published in Vogue.

What is your favorite activity: Writing and playing music on the guitar.

Your Hollywood/Historical crush: Emmy Rossum

Utterly Shameless!: Singer, songwriter, 
and Showtime star, Emmy Rossum

You’re feeling romantic. How do you like to set the mood: I’m a photographer, so lighting is a nice touch.

Describe your first date uniform: Casual yet sophisticated.  

Describe your dream girl in three words: Not overly dramatic.

Favorite first-date romantic destination: D.O.C Wine Bar in Lincoln Park. Good wine choices and a casual, classy atmosphere.

D.O.C. Wine Bar

Name one item on your bucket list: I’m an observer of human nature, and would like to write a book detailing what I’ve learned throughout my career and life experiences.

Andy Schleef
Fund Accountant
Northern Trust Hedge Fund Services
Nest: Ravenswood

Face it girls, when it comes to Wall Street players, we have a serious wardrobe crush on pin-striped suits and expensive suspenders. Mix these stylish essentials, add a splash of what’s good (nay, great!) about Gordon Gecko, inject some brainy, numbers-crunching credentials, and you have finance whiz, Andy Schleef. Young, talented, and well-tailored, he’s officially our favorite “green-is-good” bottom line guy.

Describe your job in 140 characters: At Northern Trust, I am in charge of coordinating my clients’ monthly and yearly financial statements and assisting with accounting issues that come up when trading complex derivatives and investments. 

What personal trait(s) gives you the most confidence: I don’t take myself too seriously and like to have fun. A positive attitude and confidence are the keys for success.

Brazen BBQ: Top Chef's Padma eating ribs 
under the covers #QuickChallenge

What do you do when you want to impress someone: I enjoy cooking and would make my famous smoked BBQ ribs for someone special.   

What is your favorite activity: Beach volleyball

Your Hollywood/Historical crush: Emmanuelle Chriqui

You’re feeling romantic. How do you like to set the mood: Setting up a cozy bonfire in the backyard and cranking Motown hits on the iPod.

Describe your dream girl in three words: Fun, confident, and fit.

Favorite first-date romantic destination: An evening picnic in the park with a good bottle of wine.

Name one item on your bucket list: Finish a full Ironman Triathlon.

Dating dealbreakers: I don’t think I could date a smoker.

Smoking: Hot it's NOT

What I’ll admit on a second date: I have more than one pair of cowboy boots.

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Photo Credits:
Photo of Bethenny Frankel courtesy of Jeff Schear Visuals

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