Thursday, June 13, 2013

SIMPLE TO SIMPLY DELICIOUS: 5 Tasty Gifts for Dad on Father's Day

If your toughest challenge on June 16 is what to give the guy who gave you life, consider this: Is your Dad a foodie with a beer fetish? Does he dabble in adventurous cocktail construction? Are there more cookbooks in his library than classics?

This Father Day’s, Luxe File Chicago is helping solve the conundrum on what to give dad on the happiest day of his life.

When dad screams, we reach for the remote. When dad screams for ice cream, we make a congo for the kitchen. Give the big guy a gift that will appeal to his softer side: Cuisinart's Stainless-Steel Ice Cream Maker. Makes two quarts of your favorite dessert in 25 minutes. Now that’s a sweet night in.  

Last time we checked, the local liquor store was where dad headed to satisfy a beer fix. Now, thanks to the evolution of craft beer-making which is sweeping the country (from basements to the family garage), your yeast-loving pater is embracing his inner brewologist and making his own 6-pack of suds. Do dad right with a contraption that will bring him back into the light: enter the Beer Machine.

Don’t be fooled by its late night infomercial appeal, the tabletop brewery kit makes your dad’s favorite lager faster than you can say fermentation-conditioning-carbonation apparatus.

For the dad who enjoys turning up the heat in the kitchen or over the grill, why not give him a culinary tomb for Father's Day that is authored by a celebrity chef and daddy too. Beautifully written, Molto Batali by Chef Mario Batali gives thanks with a culinary arsenal of easy-to-exquisite seasonal recipes that will turn any family meal into a memorable feast.

When it comes to going big, your dad believes playing it safe is for sissies (thankfully his idea to breed pygmy elephants as family pets didn’t pan out). Hebert Candies’ 17” chocolate towers filled with over two and a half pounds of sugary heaven will not only satiate his sweet tooth, but will stave off any ill-conceived attempts to skydive off the Willis Tower. Or at least until Father’s Day is over.

Are tasteless Bloody Marys putting the “weak” in your weekend brunch? This Father’s Day, Stu's Kitchen is going Karate Kid on your banal Saturday morning cocktail and opening a jar of whoop-ass with its homemade sour pickle juice and insanely addictive garlic-soaked pickle spears. Dad’s taste buds won’t know what hit them.

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