Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Oscar Night: Getting Ready with Amanda Puck

Amanda Puck at the 82nd Annual Academy Awards

When you think of the Oscars, images of red carpets, beautiful celebrities, stunning fashion, little gold awards, and long pedantic acceptance speeches may come to mind. When Luxe File learned that the always-glamorous PR star, Amanda Puck, had been tapped to host Oscar Night America, the only party in Chicago to be sanctioned by the Academy of Motion Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), we were thrilled (and we also assume the set of coveted Oscar party tickets we begged her for have been lost in the mail. Thanks, UPS!).

In the coveted role of red-carpet hostess, Amanda will be interviewing VIP guests and talking about everyone's favorite subject - fashion! The style maven reports that she will also be dressed to impress. When we asked, Amanda confided that she would be bedecked in head-to-toe YSL. Konstantine Mironychev, Chanel's gifted makeup artist and whose work has appeared in everything from magazines to the runway, has been tasked to turn Amanda into a gilted glamazon.

Hosting a party that guests will never forget is easier said than done so who better to ask than Amanda Puck, who's famed for hosting lavish VIP parties that everyone dreams to crash? Here, she spills her Oscar Party Day schedule and the party she would host if she were catching the Academy Awards at home.

Amanda Puck's Oscar Night America Schedule

Morning - Sleep late. I need my beauty sleep, it's going to be a long night!

10:30 a.m. – Breakfast with Mom at Feast.

12:00 p.m. – Study up on last-minute movie facts and nominees.

3:00 p.m. – Appointment with Chanel's Konstantine Mironychev at Bloomingdales.

5:00 p.m. - Head to the Gene Siskel Film Center for pre-Oscar party meeting.

5:45 p.m. - Channel Anne Hathaway to give a star-studded performance on the red carpet.

6:00 PM – Showtime!

Amanda Puck's Fantasy Oscar Party

How I would make my home "Oscar-ready": Make it fun and casual. Everything would center around the TV, so lots of pillows and fur throws.

Cuisine I would serve: Working at Spago so many years ago, I learned that caviar is the thing to serve on Oscar night! So I would make mini-baked potatoes stuffed with caviar along with smoked salmon pizza topped with caviar. And, of course, popcorn flavored with truffle oil.

Heavenly Bites: Caviar-Stuffed Mini-Baked Potatoes

Cocktails I would mix: Champagne all the way! And I would make sure it is served ice cold.

Music I would play: Just the TV with the E! pre-show then on to the awards!

What I would wear: Black jeans and a gold sequined tank top.

Party favors I would offer: Chocolate-shaped Oscars.

My top 5 guest list: My 5 besties to dish on all the fashion DOs and DON’Ts. After all, that’s the best part!

Photos courtesy of Amanda Puck

For more information about Konstantine Mironychev or to book an appointment, call 312-399-0333 or click HERE.

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