Friday, February 18, 2011

What's In Her Bag: Candace Jordan

Ever wonder what a former model-actress-Playboy-centerfold-cum-blogger-playwright-socialite-philanthropista carries around in her bag? Luxe File Chicago did so we asked one of Chicago's most fashionable doyennes - the always-captivating Candace Jordan. Here, the creator of Candid Candace shares her must-have essentials.

Candace Jordan

Chanel Coco Cocoon

Louis Vuitton Artsy

(From top left):

Notebook: This monogrammed Goyard notebook is perfect for jotting down names and notes for all the parties I attend. There are so many details I have to include in my blog, Candid Candace, it's an absolute essential. Please follow me at:

Makeup Bag: Another Goyard piece which I had monogrammed. I don't know why but I have a thing for monograms! A lipstick with no label called "Cameo" that I would kill to find again, a Shu Uemura eyelash curler and under-eye cover-up by Che Squardo.

Louis Vuitton Photo Case: It’s filled with pictures of Chuck, my mom and my two Chihuahuas so I can have them with me wherever I go.

Louis Vuitton Card Case: I go to a lot of parties and events so I’m always distributing and receiving cards. Hopefully, they will all become Candid Candace fans!

Reading Glasses: My favorites are EyeBobs. I need a pair to match all of my outfits!

Perfume: Michael Kors, my favorite cologne.

Mints: I received these at a Playboy party.

Purell: I can’t stand being sick so this is my secret weapon. I don’t know if it works or if it's just psychological but, either way, it’s fine with me!

Pen: Stole this Mont Blanc pen from Chuck after I lost mine. Don’t tell him!

Pill Case: I love this Judith Leiber pill case. It was a gift from my girlfriend, Tissy Eggleston.

Camera and Louis Vuitton Case: You can’t see the camera because I'm using it! I found the coolest rhinestone strap at Ritz Camera that I use as well as having an ID sticker on it in case I lose it.

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  1. Love the ideas that you two come up with! Thanks for including me in this fun piece!!!