Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What's In Her Bag

There is a lot you can learn about a woman from her purse and the contents it protects. Luxe File Chicago's new series, "What's In Her Bag?", takes you inside the purses of Chicago's fashionable doyennes to see what crave-worthy cargo they're harboring. Here, LFC's Sally and Kerry Shorr kick things off with a whiff of what they'
re walking around with.

Sally Shorr

Louis Vuitton tote

From top left:
Silver iPod: If I wasn't a publicist, I would probably be a dj. I'm constantly listening to music. It's so uplifting.
OPI Nail Lacquer in "That's Berry Daring": I'm trying to add color to my wardrobe since I wear so much black. Nail polish is its very own accessory.
Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Nut bars: I'm so busy that I often skip lunch, but these "power bars" provide enough energy to get me through the day.
Jergens Natural Glow Express lotion: There is nothing sexier than looking like you just spent a month in St. Barths.
Jewelry: Marilyn Monroe was right, diamonds are a girl's best friend!
Monogrammed notecards: I am constantly jotting down notes, poems, and ideas for stories.
Sunglasses: I call these glasses my Pamelas (after Pamela Anderson) because when I wear them, I feel like a movie star.
Magazine clipping: I'm always looking for inspiration. When I see a fashion spread or celebrity interview I like, I will cut it out and put it on the idea board in my office.
Sung eau de toilette spray: It's my signature perfume, and I never leave home without it. My mother used to wear Sung and she always smelled beautiful. Like a woman, perfume has its own personality and mystery.
Notebook: A writer writes...always. I adore these little canine notebooks from Papyrus. My family and friends always give me wonderful writing tablets and not only are they perfect for scribbling, they're absolutely adorable!
Bottled water: A great way to combat dryness, stay cool and boost your metabolism.
Card case: I found this card holder at JCrew for my business and personal cards. It screams rockstar!
Recorder: Always be ready for a pop-up interview. You never know when you'll see a celebrity or someone famous. Recorders also save the day when you don't have a pad and pen.
Samsung cell phone: I love silver and even my vintage cell phone is utilitarian chic.
MAC lipstick in "Hot Gossip": I like to combine this lipstick with MAC's "Sour" pencil for a sexy pout.
Today's Chicago Woman magazine: The hottest magazine and the coveted covers are fashion inspiration at its finest and I'm not just saying that because I'm the publication's contributing dating editor!

Kerry Shorr

Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM

From top left:
Fur stole: My grandmother's prized mink stole. A luxurious winter accessory and one of my dearest possessions.
Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder and Pot Rouge in Powder Pink: My makeup bag is filled with Bobbi Brown essentials. Her makeup keeps my skin glowing and photoshoot-ready, no matter how crazy my schedule keeps me.
Narciso Rodriguez perfume: My signature scent.
Camera: I always carry one with me to parties and events. Say 'fromage'!
Social cards: Printed by Crane & Co., these chic calling cards are must-haves for social and networking events.
Nars Lip Gloss in "Dolce Vita": I love lip gloss, this one is creamy and a nice neutral.
Diamond boxing gloves keychain: I picked this necklace up in Soho and turned it into a keychain. I love baggie bling.
Photos: My parents live in Florida so I carry these with me to keep them close.
Samsung cell phone: Short of having an iPhone, this cell phone does it all. Stores hundreds of photos, records short interviews and even has a helpful tip calculator!
Jewelry: Pretty baubles can turn any girl into a glamazon within seconds. They really are a girl's best friend!
Claim ticket: I couldn't find this ticket last night. It was a fun fete though!
Filofax: I live and die by my day planner. It's stuffed with appointments,
events, party invites, notes and ideas, photos and heart-warming
letters from family and close friends I've collected over the years.

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  1. Girls!!!!! Your bags are fab, but you're missing wallets!